BMG PHARMA is innovation

BMG Pharma is the company of innovation: we are open to change, able to listen our partners and adapt our strategy in a growing scenario.
We create, characterize, and launch out-of-the-box proposals based on our exclusive and patented technologies or outstanding solutions.


We provide physicians and companies with unique and innovative medical solutions to achieve objective and long-lasting results for their patients.


Openness, listening to everyone, relationship, curiosity, proactivity, and expertise are our values.
Partnership, friendship and trust are at the heart of the BMG Pharma project: the great openness to the exchange of ideas and skills, the ability to listen and the support of highly certified external collaborations explode into new ideas and projects in a dynamic, streamlined, and fast-paced environment.
The implementation of projects conveys motivation and smiles.


Gain a leading position in the bio-revitalization and dermal fillers market over a 5-year time frame thanks to premium brand owners in strategic Areas (US, China, APAC, Mena, Europe).
Reshape the approach to hyaluronan for medical, aesthetic, and cosmetic applications by developing new products based on Hyaluromimethic® technology.


Our goal is to unlock the enormous potential of the hyaluronic acid molecule to support tissue regeneration for medical and aesthetic applications.
Our great expertise in scientific, clinical, pharmaceutical development and our strong link with pharmaceutical companies all over the world guarantees to reshape the international market of the medical application of the hyaluronic acid with premium proposals.
Commercial partnership, tailor-made proposals, internal transfer of skills and responsibilities are the ambitious strategy to ensure the continuity of the company in terms of new ideas, projects, people, relationships, and business.