Research and development

Progressive growth in a international context

Our company approach to research and development is based on a vision of continuous growth in an international context.

We provide highest quality products in a B2B market and we also have adopted a cutting-edge vision and invested great resources in the development of new technologies to offer functional solutions in line with patient and market demands.

Our international approach allows us to collaborate with a network of prestigious Italian and global research centers and universities to both deepen and broaden our product knowledge and to plan research activities inherent to our know-how.

This concurrence of activities allows us to be innovators in scientific and technological fields.


The company’s resourcefulness and creativity have led to the development and the patents of some functional associations, used within the products. These unique associations are designed to maximize and synergize the advantages and the benefits of the individual components by solving limitations or enhancing the activity compared to the solutions already present on the market.


IALUVANCE® COMPLEX is mainly used in oral/nasal care area and dermatology, for its antioxidant (gum inflammation and bleeding) and bacterial preventive action (acne) and for its high tolerability grade.

It is a patented complex consisting of:
-hydrogen peroxide (antibacterial action);
-hyaluronic acid (tissue repair and film-forming properties);
-glycine (acceleration of tissue repair processes).

The synergy of the ingredients in the complex inhibits and prevents the growth of microorganisms thanks to the antimicrobial agents, favoring the natural healing processes of the mucous membranes and tissues. In addition, the combination of these three functional ingredients creates a highly-protective film-forming barrier which helps the formation of a moist environment.

Widely used in various medical fields due to its high tolerance profile, it is a chemical compound with anti-septic, strong antioxidant and fungicidal actions.

It is one of the fundamental components of the connective tissues of humans, giving the skin and mucosae the property of resistance and maintenance of shape.

It has a fundamental role in tissue repair mechanisms due to its physic-chemical (hy-groscopic, and viscoelastic) and rheological properties. It is also involved in all stages of extracellular tissue repair: in inflammatory, granulation phase, re-epithelialization and scarring phases.

Widely employed in medical and cosmetic procedures, hyaluronic acid is a highly conserved molecule in the evolution of living beings, and it is universally considered perfectly tolerable, safe and non-immunogenic.

Hyaluronic acid drugs and medical devices have been shown to be highly effective in promoting healing while reducing scar formation. The use of hyaluronic acid has found even more fields of application, also increasing the aims for its use; no longer only in facilitating the healing of wounds, but also used in therapies and prevention for many disorders and problems of connective tissue: fractures, hernias, glaucoma, keratoconus, retinal detachment, arthrosis, temporomandibular disorders, vocal cord dysfunctions, cartilage damage and healing from ligament injuries.

It is a non-essential amino acid, and plays a vital role both in the formation of the collagenThat like biosynthetic intermediarywithin numerous metabolic reactions (it is also a known neurotransmitter of the central nervous system).

It has anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective and immunomodulators properties.
In the tissues, research has shown that glycine plays a crucial role in the homeostasis of the skin barrier; it stimulates the glycine dependent chlorine channels present within the keratinocytes, which accelerate the cutaneous barrier repair.

The rationale for the IALUVANCE® COMPLEX patent is based on the three-dimensional structure of hyaluronic acid, which is capable of trapping hydrogen peroxide and protecting it from its rapid degradation on contact with organic fluids rich in transition metals, particularly iron.


It is a patented association between a fundamental mineral and a sulfonic acid, namely ofof zinc-gluconate and taurine.

It is a form of administration for zinc.
Zinc is a mineralpresents almost universally in the cells of human body and it is a component of hundreds of enzyme complexes involved in the metabolism of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. It is also necessary for the functioning of several hormones, including thyroid, insulin, sex hormones and growth hormone.

Its presence is important both for stabilizing membranes and other cellular components and for organ structure and integrity. It is essential for cell division and for growth and development during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence. It is also involved in DNA synthesis, gene expression, immune response, wound healing, and tissue repair and supports the immune system to eliminate viruses and harmful microorganisms.

TAURINE (2-aminoethanol sulfonic acid):
It is a amino acid present in almost all mammalian tissues and plays physiological roles of primary importance in many metabolic processes such as the synthesis of bile acids, the transmission of nerve stimuli and the stabilization of cell membranes.

Taurine has also an anti-free radical activity, it can significantly reduce the lipid peroxidation (due to premature aging of cells and the onset of certain pathologies) and to enhance the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as the superoxide dismutase.

Its effects on fibroblasts migration, cell proliferation, collagen genesis and its anti-inflammatory action are also known.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Zinc gluconate, Taurine or their combination as a complex were investigated using a Caco-XNUMX (epithelial) cell and fibroblasts in vitro assay, grown in culture.

The results of this study demonstrated that Zinc gluconate and Taurine supported the fibroblasts migration also in presence of highly concentrated IL-XNUMX.

Since the cell migration assay is a validated model for studying the wound healing process, the results presented suggest that zinc gluconate and taurine may have a beneficial effect in the treatment of stomatitis, oral lesions and wound healing.



It is a lipoamino-acid and it represents a polyfunctional cosmetic ingredient for skin applications conventionally used in various compositions for its antimicrobial, anti-sebaceous and pH-regulating properties.

An innovative rationale considers also the patented and exclusive topical usage of Capryloyl Glycine in hypertrichosis and hirsutism treatment, by BMG Pharma, where the molecule has showed to inhibit the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), a rate-limiting enzyme active during hair follicle development and hair growth.

This allows the usage aimed to inhibit the growth of excess hair in women, both on the face (hirsutism/hypertrichosis) and on the body (such as legs to reduce the growth and thicknesses of hair post shaving, wax and laser uses) with clinically proven results.

There are many opportunities for use in the cosmetics market.